Swiftsure Spatial Systems Inc
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Swiftsure Spatial Systems 

Swiftsure Spatial Systems Inc. has been providing expertise in the design and development of geospatial Systems since its original incorporation in Victoria, British Columbia in 1996.  Over the years Swiftsure developed a reputation for unparalleled excellence in converting business and technology requirements into concrete implementation.  

The new Swiftsure team combines experience and expertise in geospatial architecture, scientifc experimentation, innovative R&D, prototyping and manufacture that results in truly game changing capability to create disruptive technology for agile organizations that have to move at the speed of light.

Architecture for  Real-time delivery

 of Actionable Intelligence

Swiftsure staff have been doing research and consulting on the development of enterprise geospatial architecture for over 25 years.  They participate in defining the standards and interfaces that take raw data through the system as it's transformed it into actionable intelligence.  Swiftsure also provides access to  a network of experienced affiliates and partners to provide complete solutions.  Through our experience with past clients (Including the Department of National Defence Canada, the US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and the US Army Corp), we have gained a good grasp of what is required to provide Domain Awareness in multiple environments. 

Combining Proven Methodology with Innovative Disruptive Technology